My specialities, PHP5 associated with a MySQL databse. Add to this Strict XHTML, CSS and Javascript and you could have a powerfull web application like :



Conception & realisation of a website for the company Equip'Inox. Project realised for ETIC, a junior company of my school.
The realised system allow to edit everything on the website and structure easily the products arborescence.
Moreover, this system is optimised for rancking for google search engine.

Used technologies : MySQL, PHP5, XHTML Strict, Javascript, CSS, AJAX
the 2009-09-02

La Banda

Full restructuration of the website of La banda, an association of Brass band, association wich I'm a player.
This website includes helpfull functionalities to manage the team.

Used technologies : UML2, MySQL, PHP5, XHTML Strict, Javascript, CSS, AJAX
the 2009-03-03

France in London

Conception and realisation of a full internet portal. This work was realised in my Internship in London for the company Acomax Net Publishing.

Full restructuration of back-office and front office features, and addition of functionnalities.

This portal is designed to present all informations for french expatriated who are living is London. The website contains articles, events, classifieds ads and lists french brands and companies.

Used technologies : UML2, MySQL, PHP5, XHTML Strict, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, RSS
the 2008-09-01


Conception & Realisation of a market place for artisan and suppliers.

The conception of this plateforme wasn't easy because the concept was new, and it was designed for inexperimented users. The challenge was to put together an easy use and to appear like a profesionnal application.

Used technology : UML2, MySQL, PHP5, XHTML Strict, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, RSS
the 2008-09-01


Conception & realisation of news modules for the website I've realised this mission for an optionnal internship of my first year of studies in computer science.

Hotiz is a music plateform designed to diffused independant artists, and allow them to sale thiers CDs. My work was to automate process like inscription, music upload, and to create new processes like the sale of real CDs.

Used technologies : PHP5, MySQL5, JAVASCRIPT, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Java

le 01/09/2007


Conception & realisation of a web application wich permit to diffuse my personnal music on the web like deezer, jiwa or musicme.
I can listen and download all of my music from all around the world.

Used technologies : PHP5, MySQL45,Ajax Javascript, Flash, CSS

the 2008-11-13

Town council CMS

Conception and realisation of a full CMS dedicated to town council, respectfull of accessibilty rules.
This project was realised for a possible commercialisation because town council was obliged to respect those standarts and there wasn't any tools like this one before.

Structured like a file system, this CMS permit to everybody to create all types of website : personall with 2 or 3 pages, or a full structurated site with an important content.

Used technologies : PHP4-5, MySQL4, JAVASCRIPT, XHTML 1.0 STRICT conforme WAI AAA (accessibility), CSS

The 2006-09-09

Cléo's Trips

Conception & realisation of a blog core
Used technology : PHP, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, FLASH avec Action-Script, XHTML 1.0 STRICT, CSS

the 2005-05-03


Projet in relation with a webgame
Realisation & conception of o tool to cheat on this game. Centralisation and synthesis of data of all players.
It was my first "big" project, it use is restricted, but, everydays, there is more than a thousand users each days.
Used technologies : PHP, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, HTML, CSS
Adress : - Sorry, password protection
the 2005-05-03


I'm not going to describe all of my web projects because there is a lot, and it's a little bit sometimes a repetition of the same thing.
To all of those profesionnal projects, I can add all my projects realised in my studies.